Dashboards That Drive PDQ

Pretty darn quick. That's probably what you want in your dream car. But I'm not actually talking about cars because you didn't sign up for a blog about pimping your ride. No, I'm talking about the dashboards on your iMIS Staff Website.

iMIS Dashboard Web Pages that Show You the Road

What if a dashboard web page could help your association move PDQ into the propitious places of performance perfection? Perennially! I'm saying let's make some mission critical dashboards that run like a Tesla in ludicrous mode.

First, you have to decide what's mission critical. What goals could ensure the future relevance of your association? What ideas could improve areas of weakening performance? As many associations have discovered, there are great consultants and books out there for thinking about such matters. Two books that come to my mind are The Art of Membership by Sheri Jacobs, CAE, and The Road to Relevance by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers, CAE.

Second, this mission critical thing you have identified, it needs to be quantifiable, related to a measurement of some kind. That's what you will be showing on your dashboard. Race cars measure things like speed. What are the measurements of greatest importance to your future relevance? Maybe for your association it's first time renewals. It could be number of clicks on your super-specialty, members-only online library. Heck, it might be the number of high ratings on your annual conference. These dashboards you are making will help you see the road with better information.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in iMIS Dashboards

Third, you want a visual that blows the cover off the RPM gauge. How cool is a progress bar showing how many courses you sold online in ratio to a goal for the year? Maybe what will pop for your staff is a bar graph with different colors for various member types and showing you some absurdly crucial statistis for your niche. Visuals like these, they're called key performance indicators (KPI for short).

One CEO loved KPI's and gave the staff ideas for what she'd like to see on some dashboards. She wanted a progress bar showing the shrinking dollar amount of outstanding dues payments as the year rolled by. She set a goal for a new, higher number of education program participants and showed it both as a percentage display with big, colorful numbers and also as a progress bar. Her staff made a handful of dashboards that she used as a regular checkup tool.

So imagine having a staff session, getting out some legal pads, and brainstorming with the great minds you work with every day. Dream up some visuals, indicators, measurements, ways to see progress, etc. You dream it and you can build a dashboard for it in iMIS.

Experimentation to Grow Association Goals

Fourth, while measuring is nice, it doesn't make your goals happen. Race cars don't drive themselves, no matter how cool the speedometer looks. As the experts say (like the people whose books I mentioned above), experiment with changes, new things you'll try, action steps. Use the dashboards to see results over time. Grow your association smartly by experimentation and watch it grow on your speedy new iMIS dashboard.

What to Do with Your Dashboards

Dream it and build it. Make a copy of the standard dashboard that is closest to the one you want from the iMIS dashboards collection. You will find the standard dashboards which you can copy under RiSE > Page Builder > Manage Content.

Then look in the Core Content folder and Staff Dashboards sub-folder. Use Organize > Copy (you can see the Organize menu option near the top left of the Staff Website screen when you are in RiSE) and then Organize > Paste into the Shared Content folder. You might rename it using your association acronym: "ABC Events Dashboard."

Once you have pasted it in the Shared Content folder, double click it and modify it at will. What's that? Don't know how to modify dashboard pages or find the IQA's that populate them? That's a soon-coming topic. It's also a great thing we need to make a training video about and post it on our "Watch" page on 501CiO.com. Coming soon . . .

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