Thanksgiving and iMIS Tips, Mixed Together On One Plate

The first time I ever lost weight over the Thanksgiving holiday was 2008. I had recently turned 41, joined Weight Watchers, and set a goal to lose 42 lbs before my 42nd birthday. It worked.

Weight Watchers taught me to focus on the white meat, pickles, and vegetables without much added fat or carbs. No, macaroni and cheese is not a vegetable. And green bean casserole and sweet potato soufflé do not meet the "without much added fat or carbs" requirement.

You know you love your job but you love the holidays more. So I'm wrapping a few random iMIS tips in a fall colored package of Thanksgiving keep-healthy tips.

Pie Has a Lot of Calories; iMIS is Now a SaaS Product

iMIS used to be expensive, as in, out of reach for small and some mid-sized associations. Pie had a lot of calories in your mom's generation and still does, says Captain Obvious.

At least iMIS has become more affordable even if pie is still a waist-expander par excellence.

A slice of pie technically is 1/6 of a 9" or 1/8 of a 10" pie. The last time you had a slice that only 1/8 of a pie was when Uncle Fred (who lived through the depression) served it to you. But assuming you cut your pie honestly:

They say the average female maintains weight at about 2,000 calories. One slice of pecan and one pumpkin already has you at over 800. The average man maintains weight at 2,500, but he also eats three pieces of pie. So there's 1,200 of them gone already.

iMIS used to have a lot of costs that were a problem for small and mid-sized associations. But iMIS can do what pie cannot: become slimmer. For a little while now, quietly and without as much fanfare as it probably deserves, iMIS has been available as a SaaS product.

SaaS means "Subscription as a Service." It's like Microsoft 365. No software installed on your computer. It's in the Cloud. That has a number of cost-benefits:

In many cases, the savings in one or two years in the iMIS20 Cloud version will pay for a lot of iMIS enhancement work.

Focus on People; Know How to Report on Answers to Event Questions

There are at least three fun things at any Thanksgiving gathering. Fat and carbs in the highest concentrations of the year all on one plate. That's one. The entertainment that might take the form of sports or TV or movies. That's two. The people you're with. That's three.

To be healthier this Thanksgiving, ignore number one. You should probably keep option two at a reasonable minimum. But focus on the thing behind curtain number three. People have no calories (unless you're a cannibal, ick). Seriously, more conversation and activities (board games, anyone?) with people and less of grandma's secret-recipe cornbread dressing, please!

An iMIS tip that seems marginally comparable to that piece of advice has to do with Events in iMIS, which you set up in Desktop and configure in the Staff Website for online registration. You probably ask a number of questions about things like special dietary needs, topic preferences, and the like. So what if you want to report on the answers?

There's a toolkit you can download that does that for you. Rather than take up space with boring details here, let me just say: email me if you want to know how to do it. I'm at

Nurse a Calorie-Cutting Beverage; Intercept the Create Account Process

While many people are spending half an hour putting bite after bite of super-concentrated carbs laden with lard in their pie-holes, you will be working your little plate of white meat, pickles, and healthy vegetables.

To do this in style, have a calorie-cutting beverage in hand. You don't want to look like you're missing out on the fun. You need something in your hand.

Make it a light beer or diet cola. Maybe it could be half-sweet tea, club soda with lemon, water, or a skinny cocktail. Nurse it. Make it take a while. That's the secret to lasting through feeding frenzy and surviving to a guilt-free day after Thanksgiving.

While we're talking about trimming the extras from your menu, have you noticed that your iMIS database gets tons of duplicate accounts. It's a common problem we could call "User Credentials Amnesia." The average person has 212 online user accounts in today's internet world. I completely made that factoid up. I hope Google doesn't bring up that result I just cited and make people believe it's a real number.

But the truth isn't too far off.

So Barry, one of your members, needs to register for annual meeting. He forgets his user credentials he made last year. He just creates a new account. Welcome to Barry1 and Barry2 in your user list in iMIS. Annoying?

Help Barry out. Create an intercept page that requires him to search for his existing user account before letting him create a new one. Need help building an intercept page? We're here to help at 501CiO (but not on Thanksgiving Day, please).

Add Activity to Thanksgiving; Purge Contacts and Users

Instead of just watching football this year, get out in the yard with the nieces, nephews, kids, and grandkids and play a little flag football. Move around. Get your honkus out of that chair. Every calorie you burn is 1/320 of a slice of pumpkin pie!

And speaking of ways to purge calories, how about when you run a Purge Script in iMIS Desktop. You might think you are done and feel pretty good about yourself.

Actually, don't halfway it. You're not done. You need to run the Purge Unused Contacts and Unused Users in the Database Maintenance Utility. Otherwise you'll end up with orphaned records and possibly create a scenario where no users can update their password in your iMIS system (it's a known issue).

Need help with this? Let us know.

Was This Weird? I Hope Not.

Okay, maybe this post was weird. But then again, some of the ways you've mixed foods on your Thanksgiving plate could interest your therapist, I'm sure. It has to do with childhood memories and stuff.

So, I tried mixing iMIS tips and Thanksgiving advice. I already told my therapist.

Or maybe you feel this article induced some unneeded guilt about your face-stuffing, belly-delighting plans this holiday. No problem. Just enjoy the holiday worry-free. You can always join the gym after Christmas and never go.

Until next time, this is your still-42-lbs-lighter friend, Derek. Happy Thanksgiving!

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